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Supported payment systems

Common questions

How to buy or sell on YUPLAY


What is YUPLAY?

YUPLAY is a dynamically developing digital distribution service enabling its clients not only obtain games but exchange their own content, and, moreover, get paid for it.

How can I buy the content item I like?

Find a required content item in the catalog, put the mouse cursor to the «Buy» button and choose the most preferable payment method in the drop-down menu.

At the moment you can choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Payment from your YUPLAY account. Each YUPLAY user has an account keeping the user’s earnings in yums, YUPLAY internal currency. You can get yums for each involved user.
  • Payment via VISA bank card. If you choose this payment method you will be asked to transfer the required amount via Authorize.Net processing center using a secure connection. Detailed instruction is available when making the purchase.
  • Payment via PayPal. If you choose this payment method you will be redirected to the Online.Money site, where you will complete your transaction.
  • Payment via redeeming a key. If you possess an activation code for a product or a discount you can input it on this page, or move to it manually by going to "Balance:" section with the corresponding link in the upper site menu.

How can I download a content item?

If a content item is a paid one then the «Buy» button will be replaced by the «Download» button only after that item has been purchased. In some cases downloading of the purchased content item starts immediately after the payment has been made.

Click the «Download» button next to the item's page you are interested in and choose an appropriate method:

  • YUPLAY downloader. is the recommended way of downloading. If you choose it, you will be asked to download and run the software. It's absolutely simple and safe and requires no installation. It uses both P2P and HTTP protocols simultaneously. Upon starting it will ask you to choose a folder to store downloaded files and right after confirming it, the download process will begin.
  • .torrent. In this case you will receive a .torrent file for downloading the content via BitTorrent protocol.
  • HTTP-download. You will get links for downloading with your browser or download manager.

I cannot download, what shall I do?

Perhaps your network, proxy server or firewall settings do not allow the program to connect to our network server or any other content sources. In this case please try to open the torrent file of the required content item with an alternative torrent client software, µTorrent for example.

How long can I download my content after I purchased it?

After you purchased a content item you become its owner and can download it as many times as you wish during an unlimited period of time.

The game requires a registration key, what is it?

Many games we distribute require registration by a special key. You will get it automatically while making your purchase. An e-mail containing the registration key is sent to your e-mail address, and, besides, you can always find it in «My purchases» section of YUPLAY website.

What is an activation key?

Some content can be obtained by entering a special sequence of characters. For example, a user who have purchased a game hardcopy may need the activation key to play the game in multiplayer mode.

I have transferred money but my purchase is not confirmed, what shall I do?

This may happen. And if the money has been indeed transferred we shall by all means find your purchase and confirm it. Please let us know by writing to our technical support.

Can I get refund?

Please, read our Refund Policy.

What is a preorder?

A preorder is an advance payment for a purchase in our store. Making a reservation is available either before the official release date (and in this case it is a good opportunity to purchase a game for a lower price right after it gets released) or when a content you would like to purchase is currently unavailable (for example the registration keys you require are not available). As soon as the content you preordered gets available your reservation will automatically turn into an actual purchase, with a notification sent to you, and your purchase list in YUPLAY-client will be updated accordingly.

How long shall I wait for the preordered content?

The content description contains the expected date of its becoming available. However please note that a content publisher can postpone the expected release date.

Is there a guarantee I get the preordered content?

Our catalog contains only the items covered by agreements with the respective rightholders. You will get the items you reserved as soon as they are released in our shop. In case the rightholders undergo any unsuspected difficulties which prevent them from providing us with the content you preordered we inform you of such situation and you will get the reservation amount (in yum) to your account.